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List of active flights

Screenshot Active Flights List

This list shows you all your current active flights. Active means, the flight has one of the following states:

  • pre-flight ramp status (aircraft loading, boarding, fuel service, etc.)
  • flight status (the time between take-off and landing)
  • post-flight ramp status (aircraft unloading, disembarging, maintenance, etc.)

This list shows details such as scheduled take-off time, aircraft, flight number & flight status, route, flight duration, delay.

Available actions:

Action on scheduled take-off time

  • mouse over 'scheduled take-off time' shows some more time details (such as time of different time zones).

Action on batch symbol

  • mouse over 'batch symbol' shows some more time details (such as expected arrival time in different time zones).
  • click on 'batch symbol' offers you the option to book priority handling (priority handling after landing, at post-flight ramp-time - shorter unload process to avoid or reduce delay).

Action on statistics symbol

  • click on 'statistics symbol' shows inflight details (Passenger and cargo values).