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Advertising is very important for the success of any kind of business. Without advertising the public awareness of your airline can drop to zero, which can dramatically reduce the demand of passengers and of course your revenue.

There are several ways to invest in advertising to increase public awareness.

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Online
  • Billboard
  • Print Media

Depending on airline's budget for Public Relations a big selection of advertising types per country or per city (within route network) is available. All advertising types differ in effect and costs. Before choosing an advertising type keep in mind existing public awareness drops by 1 awareness point per day.

Nationwide advertising campaign affects the awareness in selected country by 100%.

Avertising campaign in specific city affects the awarenes in selected city by 100% and proportionally nationwide ((100/country_pax)*city_pax).

Advertising effect is also depending on:

  • Size of local PR team in advertising goal country (the more the better)
  • PR-Manager mood
  • PR-Manager language skills (for example: French speaking PR-Manager is more efficient when advertising in French speaking countries / areas)
  • Main Logo Value

New Advertising Campaign

To order a new advertising campaign just navigate to public relations office and choose an advertising type. Just select Area, Start, Duration of you choice as shown in the example below. The total costs of selected advertising type depends on base costs, area and duration.

Be aware, for immediate start of a new advertising campaign a small amount of Credits will be charged.

As3 advertising.png