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Acquire route rights

Menu: Operations / Routes

Choose your departure airport to be the hub and then the desired destination. When choosing destinations, pay close attention to the values of passengers & cargo per week, length / amount of runways, curfew, attractiveness value and of course competitors.

Buying / Leasing an aircraft

Menu: Office / Aircraft Market

Take care when selecting your aircraft, especially regarding the capacity (passengers / cargo) and fuel consumption - as this affects the profitability. To enable your aircraft to start and land at your selected airports (destinations) correctly, please be sure to check the range, MTOW (Maximum Take-Off Weight), runway for take off and landing and noise stage.

After you have bought / leased an aircraft you will find it in the menu Operations / Fleet / Inactive fleet. Please note: even if you buy / lease a passenger aircraft it will always come without seating at the time of acquisition. Therefore the next step (cabin setup) is very important, otherwise you will only be able to transport cargo in your as-of-yet empty plane.

Please keep in mind after successfully purchased an aircraft to check the location of the aircraft and (if necessary) to perform a ferry flight, so the aircaft's location will match your operational flights as scheduled. Before performing a ferry flight think about installing a cabin setup otherwise you'll have to wait with the cabin setup until mentioned ferry flight has been finished.

For details about buying aircraft see buying aircraft

For details about leasing aircraft see leasing aircraft

Cabin Setup

Menu: Office / Cabin Setup

Comfort, entertainment and style along with cabin space, seating arrangement and flight attendants are determined here for each aircraft type. Costs for the Cabin Setups are displayed as soon as one has been saved. You can toy around with various ideas here and see how they would effect your bank account. The final costs will only be debited once you attach the Cabin Setup that you decided upon to your aircraft. You can do this in the menu Operations / Fleet / Inactive fleet by selecting the option Assign Cabin Setup in the drop down menu.

Board Service

Menu: Office / Board Service

Here you will find the setup of the board service for your passengers. Please ensure the minimum flight duration corresponds with the meal offerings.

AC-Pool Execution Group

Menu: Operations / AC-Pool Execution Groups

If you want to use your aircraft in a dynamic aircraft pool with automated flight dispatching you have to create an Execution Group with definitions and limitations of your choice. If you prefer to use your aircraft with fix flight schedule (as in previous Aviosim versions) you can skip that part.

Aircraft operation decision

Menu: Operations / Fleet / Inactive Fleet

If you want or have to reposition your aircraft you can do this by selecting the option <Make a ferry flight> in the drop down menu. Be aware, during the whole ferry flight (2 hours pre-flight preparations plus real flight time) the aircraft won't be accessible for you. For further operations you have to decide now whether to use the aircraft as part of an aircraft pool for automated flight dispatching or as aircraft with a fix flight schedule (as in previous Aviosim versions). You can do this by either selecting the option <Add this aircraft to aircraft pool> or in the drop down menu.

Flight Numbers

Menu: Operations / Flight Numbers

Corresponding to your route rights you can define here your flight numbers. Then you have to decide here as well to perform that flights in an aircraft pool for automated flight dispatching or on an aircraft with a fix flight schedule (as in previous Aviosim versions).

Please keep in mind and plan ahead, that any new scheduled flights won't take effect on the same day. Every day before between 04:00 and 05:00 (UTC) the execution plan for the day after the following day will be generated by the system.

As per 11-MAY-2020 the flight plan creation has been changed. Please keep in mind and plan ahead, that any new scheduled flights may not take effect on the same day. Creation of new flights and/or changes on existing flights will take effect in much shorter time. The flight plan loader runs every hour and prepares all flights for the whole hour 12 hours ahead.

For example: 
before 11-MAY-2020: on Monday 04:00 UTC the execution plan (flight plan) has been generated and loaded for Tuesday (00:00 - 23:59 UTC).
from 11-MAY-2020: on Monday 04:00 UTC the execution plan (flight plan) will be generated and loaded for Monday (15:00 - 15:59 UTC).

Flight Plan

Menu: Operations / Fleet / Active Fleet

If you have decided to operate the aircraft and the flight number(s) with fixed flight plan you can now organize arrange that flight plan by selecting the option edit fix flight plan in the drop down menu. When arranging your flight plan keep in mind also to chose desired board service and maintenance sessions.


Menu: Menu: Office / Human Resources

The very first needed kind of staff is Human Resources Specialist to be able to hire staff, followd by PR-Specialist to be able to advertising.

Please be aware, all new hired staff will have your hub airport as their base airport, so keep an eye on hub's office building capacity.


Menu: Menu: Office / Public Relations

Public awareness is very important. Make sure to invest as much as possible in advertising or sponsoring to increase public awareness. Please keep in mind, existing awareness drops daily.


Menu: Menu: Office / Infra

To be able to manage an airline you need at least one office building. Make sure there is an office building at all airports of your route network and which covers the local demand by sufficient capacity. The more staff located at an airport the higher the demand. If you hire more staff than the building's capacity the mood of affected staff will drop.

To perform aircraft maintenance, maintenance buildings (hangar) are obligatory on each airport where maintenance is meant to be performed. If you schedule more aircraft maintenance than building's capacity the mood of affected staff will drop and may cause flight delays due to insufficient or missing infrastructure.

It is possible to buy or to lease buildings (such as all other infrastructure assets as well).