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At the heart of every data analysis is a pool of events and observations gathered into a set of numbers and values. While you still have to make sense of these figures, the chore of collecting them into one convenient single point of information can be delegated to the Addon Flight Data Collection Consultant (FDCC)

Screenshot of blue database symbol found on Operations -> Scheduled Fligths -> Historical.

To plunge into the data collection provided by the FDCC, maneuver to Operations -> Scheduled Fligths -> Historical and click on the blue database symbol next to each flight's take-off time. The resulting overlay is partitioned into four parts:

Flight Time Details

Flight Time Details provides a meticulous timeline of the flight, from Pre-Flight Ramp Time to Flight Process End Time.

Comparing scheduled and actual duration of each segment will help you understand valuable minutes lost (or gained). Real life weather data rounds up the picture and might also influence the course of your flight.

Show Delay Details delivers the reasons for late arrivals using standardised IATA Delay Codes.

Flight Details panel

Load Details

Load Details shows the degree of capacity utilization for both cargo and pax, getting granular on all available classes. In the event of overbooking a flight the exact passenger handling is documented here.

Show Pax Feedback Details delivers crutial information collected by the FDCC in surveys and interviews conducted at the destination airport. This is immediate passenger feedback you might want to lend an ear to.

Load Details panel - This example shows that 104 tickes in Y-Class were sold for a cabin layout that only allows for 90 Y-Class seats. 10 passengers received an upgrade to Q-Class free of charge. The remaining 4 passengers had to be rejected and their tickets refunded.

Financial Details

Financial Details is your statement of revenues and expenditures for each flight.

Financial Details panel - Continuing our previous example we see revenue for 104 tickes sold in Y-Class. In contrast we find expenditures for 90 regular Y-Class board services plus 10 additional Q-Class board services for the upgraded passengers. And lastly the tickets refund (including compensation) for the 4 unlucky victims of overbooking.

Staff Details

Staff Details shows a list of all personell involved in executing this flight - and their respective performance evaluation. This section is sub-divided into Involved own staff and - if required - hired external staff. Don't let your airline's HR department miss out on this vital information provided by the FDCC.

Staff Details panel - shows that 2 Check-In agents for this flight were company employees. 1 additional Check-In agent and everyone from the aircrew were hired personnel.