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To operate scheduled flights between two airports you have to acquire accurate route rights. You can do this by navigating to Office / Routes.

New Routes

Screenshot New Routes

Use the drop down menus to select airports. Check shown route details.

  • Distance: distance between selected airports
  • Availability costs: Credits for instant rights
  • Initial Fee: initial costs for this route
  • Weekly Fee: weekly costs for this route
  • Hub Discount: Discount if this route connects your hub with another airport
  • Airlines on this route: shows amount of airlines serving this route
  • Flights per week: shows amount of flights operated on this this route
  • Attractiveness value: shows an indexed value (the higher this value, the more attractive is selected route)

Existing Routes

Screenshot Existing Routes
Screenshot Route Details

After selecting in the drop down menu an airport within your route network, you'll get a list of routes connecting selected airport.

Here in the Action section you can terminate route rights and zoom in to more specific route details such as route rights status & route facts and ticket fares.

Route Statistics

In preparation